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The above is a dogecoin wallet with a million doge in it, comprising the public key, private key and a label, dot-separated in a form that can be used as a filename or URL.


The private key has been scrambled using a simple, easy to remember rule. No characters have been substituted.

If you can unscramble it, the coins are yours. You have till the end if April 2015. Good luck.

Reddit post about this giveaway

Reddit post about this giveaway <- Go here if you want 1,000,000 free #Dogecoin! All you have to do is crack my key. Easy, right? :)

— Fulvio Gerardi (@FulvioG55) April 1, 2015

Doge: DCLczSVXanqHpqqtYNk2Ws9i6pXw4xscUp