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Just a few useful bits and pieces


The Dogecoin Survival Guide - 2nd Edition (PDF)
The Dogecoin Wiki
Paper Wallet Generator *Do not run live, download and run the site locally!
Official Dogecoin Site - Download wallets here
Dogecoin Core/QT Client Bootstrap Download to speed up first client sync. Currently ~12Gb!

Decimal Mintages - Australian Circulating Coins 1966-2015 (PDF)
Banknote Prefixes - Australian Polymer Banknotes 1992-2013 (PDF)

The #DogeV8 at Bathurst 2014
April 1,000,000 Dogecoin giveaway! (completed)

PixelDrain Upload and share any file up to 50Mb


Exchange CoinSpot Cryptsy BTC38
Backslash - Doge Backslash - BTC *Not an exchange, but a way to get wallets and send money
My personal Doge Backslash page | My personal BTC Backslash page
Mining Litecoinpool
Free Ozziecoins for Aussies OzzieCoin *Verify Mobile Phone to claim
Lending BTCjam BitLendingClub


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My Subreddits Dogecoin DogecoinAU ShibeNet V8SuperDoge ASICgroupbuy Dogeducation


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